Thursday, March 3

Mamidipandu Rava Kesari (Mango Sheera)

Rava Kesari is one of my favorite sweets. I already posted twice rava kesari recipes. Both those are made using fruits in them. One is Orange - Sojjappalu and Fruit Kesari. This time I experimented with Mango pulp in it. Later when I researched I came to know that Mango Rava Kesari is also called as Mango Sheera and is a traditional sweet made in Maharashtra. So, I went ahead and made this recipe.

1/3 cup Bombay rava
1/3 cup Sugar
1/4 cup Ghee
1/3 cup Mango pulp
1/3 cup Water
1/3 cup Milk
4 Green cardamom (powdered)
2 tbsp Cashews
2 tbsp Raisins

Heat 2 tbsp ghee in a non-stick pan. Fry cashews and raisins in the ghee until they turn golden brown in colour. Add the rava and fry until the raw smell goes away. Add sugar, cardamom powder to the rava and fry for a minute. Add mango pulp, milk and water to the rava and cook on low flame until the rava is cooked well. Add the rest of the 2 tbsp ghee to the pan and keep stirring for few more minutes. Remove from flame and serve it hot.

Kesari is usually made on the for Satyanarayana puja as prasad. You can substitute water with milk entirely or milk with water. It entirely depends on your wish. Either way it tastes good.

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