Thursday, February 14

Edamame Salad

For vegetarians, the good source of protein is from legumes or beans that we eat. Edamame is one good source of protein. These are young soy beans that look green in colour and taste good. I came up with a salad that tasted excellent and I may want to do this as when I get time or whenever I crave for some snack.

Here is the recipe:

1 cup frozen edamame (thawed)
1/2 cucumber thinly sliced
1 carrot thinly sliced
1 ripe roma tomato thinly sliced
2 tbsp cilantro finely chopped
Salt as per taste

For Dressing:

1 tsp lemon juice
1 tsp rice vinegar
2 tsp EVOO
a pinch of pepper powder

Put all the ingredients for salad in a bowl. Whisk all the ingredients for dressing together and pour over the salad.

Thats it, easy to make and a healthy snack is ready to be enjoyed.


Cham said...

Easy & Healthy Snack! Very healthy 2:) Happy V- Day!

Dhivya said...

looks easy and healthy,,,veg sounds great...Happy V day!

Vanamala said...

very nice and refreshing salad hima.

simply healthy salad :)

Happy cook said...

What a wonderful dalade. It is so good looking too.

Uma said...

Yes, you are right Hima. For vegetarians, the good source of protein is from legumes or beans. This is one good tasty, easy and at the same time healthy salad.

Cynthia said...

I've never had edamame. What does it taste like?

Sagari said...

healthy salad hima

Rama said...

Nice Salad....

Reshma said...

luring color. i have never tried this beans

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