Monday, January 21

Blueberry Pancakes

I tasted my first pancake in IHOP. For the first time I felt it was too sweet and wondered how can anyone have such a sweet breakfast early in the morning. Being Indian, I am so used to savory breakfasts like dosa, upma, uttappam etc., Then once, I happened to taste Waffles and gradually I started getting addicted to pancakes and waffles with nice maple syrup. Now once in a while I must have them otherwise I start dreaming about them. Funny and silly, but true. This is my version of pancakes to make it slightly healthy atleast makes me guilt free in having couple of them with pure maple syrup.

Here is the recipe:

1/2 cup Self rising flour
3/4 cup Whole Wheat flour (I used durum whole wheat flour a packet with white colour)
1 1/2 tsp Baking powder
1/4 tsp Salt
1 tbsp Honey (You may add little more if you want more sweet or substitute with brown sugar)
1 1/2 cup Soy milk ( I used light vanilla soy milk)
1 tbsp Oil (I used canola oil)
1 tbsp Flaxmeal (I actually ground flaxseed and used a tbsp of that)
3/4 cup Blueberries (I used frozen, you may add fresh too)
1 tbsp chopped Walnuts

1. Take flours, baking powder and salt in a bowl.

2. Take ground flaxseed powder into a bowl and add 1/4 cup of soy milk and beat until it is completely dissolved and there are no lumps. Then add the remaining milk, oil and honey and beat them to blend them all together.

3. Introduce wet to dry ingredients and mix just enough to bring them all together. Leave for 5 minutes.

4. Now add the blueberries and walnuts and mix to just blend them together. Do no over mix as the pancakes can turn out tough.

5. Heat a griddle and spray with non-stick cooking oil and pour the batter about 1/3 cup at a time. Let it cook on each side until it turns golden brown.

Enjoy with some pure maple syrup.

Let me explain why I say it is healthy, with the little knowledge that I learned

Whole wheat flour is complex carbs.
Blueberries have lot of antioxidants, same with honey.
Walnuts and flaxseeds are good source of Omega -3 oils.
Soy milk is ofcourse a good source of protein.
So all in all, isn't it a healthy way to have them all together in one shot?

Sending this for WBB being hosted by Rajitha of Hunger Pangs.


TBC said...

I too feel the same about " sweet" breakfasts.:)
Your pancake is indeed very healthy and it looks great too!

Rajitha said...

it is hard to get adjusted to sweet breakfast..but i love doughnuts with my coffee ;)..and those pancakes sure look great!!

DK said...

Its raining Men! oops Blueberries! I jus saw Blueberries in Padma's kitchen after making my own muffins and now here! The panckaes luks yum! I am yet to venture to Soy Milk...I dint like it plain..does the taste of the milk very profound in this recipe?

DK said...

and using flaxseeds! I use them too. I grind and keep in my spice rack and use a spoon in making roti's ,breads and what not :)

Hima said...

Oops!! Dhivya, I love Soy milk. So, I may not have noticed if it overpowered or not.

Padma said...

hey Hima, as DK said its really raining blueberries everywhere.
Loved those pancakes! But never tried Maple syrup

Cynthia said...

These are indeed much healthier and they look great hon.

I too made pancakes for this week's post on Saturday. :)

Mansi Desai said...

first it has blueberries, and to top it you say it's healthy! what more can one ask for??:D

Sagari said...

wonderfull hima u made pancakes so healthy by adding wheat flour ,flax seeds, soy milk

Daily Meals said...

Hima! The pancakes look yummy and healthy.

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