Tuesday, November 6

Flaky French Toast & Crispy Pancakes

Cornflakes are my favorite breakfast everyday morning. Yes, true, I said everyday morning. I can't enough of those nice crispy honey bunches of oats with almonds. Ah! heaven! with some fat free milk and a fruit in it.

The honey bunches of oats with almonds and their ingredients information

The reasons I came up with this french toast and pancakes:

1. The bread was getting spoiled and its expiry date is 8th of november. So I need to hurry up to complete them.
2. Bananas are riped and will get spoiled soon. So I had to use them off.
3. Bisquick which I bought a while ago is still there in refrigerator.
4. Cornflakes being my favorite breakfast, Nags has asked us to come up with a breakfast for this month.

I thought perfect, how would it be if I can use all these and make a breakfast, so that is the reason for the birth of Flaky French Toast. So here is the recipe:
A plate of French Toast with fat free whipping cream

1/2 ripe banana
1 cup bisquick
1/4 cup fat free milk and more as required
2 tsp honey (optional)
a dash of cinnamon (optional)
butter spray
2 Whole grain light bread (40 calorie bread)
1 cup cornflakes (I used honey bunches of oats which has cornflakes, whatflakes, oats and almonds)

1. Mash banana with fork in a bowl, to that add the bisquick, milk and honey. Whisk until they combine together. Add cinnamon and combine.

2. Take little portion of the above batter add some more milk to that and make a little pouring consistency of the batter.

3. Toast couple of bread slices in the toaster until it becomes slightly crispy. Mash the cornflakes with your hands. Make sure you do not make a soft powder of it. They should be somewhere like oats size.

4. Take the bread out, dip one by one in the batter first and then toss them in the flakes.

5. Heat a non-stick pan, spray some non-stick spray in the pan preferably butter flavour. Set these bread slices in the pan and fry on both sides on medium heat until they are done.

6. Serve them with maple syrup and a dollop of fat free whipping cream.

A plate of Crispy Pancakes

The remaining batter can be used to make pancakes. Spray the pan with butter spray and pour a ladle full of batter, sprinkle the crushed cornflakes on the top of the pancake. When you see the pancake is brown on the first side very carefully turn them onto second side. When the second side is also golden brown in colour, remove from the pan into a plate. Hot hot crispy pancakes are ready. Serve them hot with any syrup of your choice. My daughter half of the pancake without a break in between. Now that is what I want!!!

Isn't it a perfect breakfast? You have banana, pancake mix, bread and cereal. It is a perfect combination of all the breakfasts into one.

These two plates are going to WBB #17 event hosted by Nags of For The Cook In Me.


Richa said...

hey, that looks delicious :) all my fav ingredients, would like to try this, though i'll add elaichi pwd :)

Rajitha said...

first i thought..damn..eggs :(..but yaay! happy now girl..looks great

Hima said...

Thanks richa. Please try and let me know how were they.

Thanks rajitha. No girl I don't eat eggs either. That is a bit challenging when it comes to baking. I will have to make your vegan cinnamon cake yet.

KayKat said...

Wow! This is really creative - I love the crispy effect, got to try this out.

Happy cook said...

Wow what a original idea. Who can resist them.

Mocha said...

Kuddos to ur great idea. I amazed with the way u were innovative.
I remember some great chef on Food TV made a french toast with banans stuffed inside two slices of bread and coated with cornflakes. I made it and it was great. So have to try this soon

Sirisha Kilambi said...

hey that was a neat idea :-)) Great :-)

Hima said...

Thanks kaykat, happy cook.

Thanks mocha, I don't know about food tv but thanks for letting me know. Please do try and let me know, how was it.

Thanks sirisha.

Swaroopa said...

gr8 recipe!! i love french toast & pancakes. will try urs soon.

Latha Narasimhan said...

Thats some new toast!:)

Saju said...

looks for delish. I could eat some right now.

Hima said...

Thanks swaroopa, latha and saju. Happy diwali to you all too

sagari said...

hima pancakes looks yummmmmmyyyyyyyy and happy diwali to u

Nags said...

crispy and lovely! see you at the round up :)

Mansi Desai said...

looks great, and appetizing! I made fig and date granola bars for Nag's event..and I also sent you my entry for WYF-Dessert!!!

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