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What's Your Favorite - Diet Food? Round up

The contributors for this event are very few. I was wondering what could be the reason. I think the reason may be there too many events going on or the topics are pretty boring. Please leave your valuable comments here to make it more interesting and if you all think its become hectic with so many events around then I can keep it on hold no problem, but the bottom point is that I would love to see more contributions from lovely food bloggers out there.

Enough of Diet Food? Ok!! I agree too. Diwali is around the corner, followed by Thanks giving, Christmas, New Year. Festival season is still on. How about I ask you all What is your favorite Dessert/Sweet? It can be Sweet, cake or ice cream anything that is sweet like you all ;-). Please send in your entries to Send your name, blog name, entry name and link to your entry. That should be enough. I can collect the pictures from your blogs. The last date for your entries is Novemeber 25th. Please feel free to use the Logo given below.

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I would like to thank one and all who participated in this event for this month. The theme for this month was Diet Food or rather healthy food. It is very important to know more about healthy diet and there is no end to it. You never know, every time you may get to learn some new things about various healthy foods out there. Every person who contributed to this theme shared a lot of valuable information about the dish that they submitted. Some of them gave the nutritional values too. I appreciate for their interest in researching and chalking them down for us. I would want you all also to appreciate them. It motivates any person to share their knowledge in future too. I know this is festival season and we drool and make a lot of dishes for the festivals and go overboard in finishing them up. So, why not diet a bit and have those wonderful dishes, so that may be we will remain at the same weight or gain just couple of pounds ;-)?? Anyways... here I present the wonderful and lovely dishes that I received for Diet Food.

Neelam of Recipe Factory has presented her favorite healthy snack, Corn Salad. It not only tastes great but can be made quickly too. She also gave the nutritonal values for the salad.

Asha of Aroma has made a Lentil Salad which goes well with Jalapeno and Cheddar Tortillas. She has also given the nutritional values for both Salad and Toritillas.

Dhivya Karthik of Culinary Bazaar has shared her favorite Healthy Tomato Soup and also lot of tips to stay fit and healthy.

Siri of Siri's Corner has showed ua a protein packed healthy Mediterranean Chick Pea Salad with Lemon dressing. You can find the nutritional values of this healthy snack in their post.

Kalva of Curry In Kadai shares her favorite Guilt Free Boiled Aloo Fry. She says it requires less oil to fry the potato and a healthy substitution for deep fried potatoes.

Richa of As Dear As Salt has sent her favorite Pili Moong Dal aur Matar Ka Puda. You can have it as a healthy snack or breakfast.

Mansi Desai of Fun and Food sent her favorite Low Fat Blue Berry Muffins. For all those who do not use eggs, you have a eggless version also given in the post.

Don't you love to eat sprouts? Do not worry here is a tasty version of Healthy Sprouts sent to us by Rajitha of Hungar Pangs. I am sure many of us will start having them often now.

Are you crazy of Potato Chips and worry it is high in calories? Dhana of Fresh Kitchen has given us a way to get over our cravings for chips with Non Fat Kale Chips. What a healthy substitution!!

Keerthi of Esculent Cuisine has showed a wonderful way of having cooked veggies. Cooked veggies in Yogurt is a solution if you have too many cooked veggies left in the fridge.

Remya of Spices and Flavours has shared a healthy breakfast with us called Bread Upma. This is a good idea for non bread eaters like me.

Having hard time eating oatmeal like me? Try Pistachio Oatmeal sent to us by Vijaya of Daily Meals, you will never again say you don't like oatmeal.

Do you have to throw a party for diabetics or heart patients? Here is a Salad Dinner which gives you lot of ideas and recipes to follow. Simple to make and guests pleasing gauranteed. This wonderful entry is from Sona of The discovery of a new dish does more for human happiness than the discovery of a new star.

Want to have a delicious sweet and worried about calories. Here is a low calorie healthy Wheat Rava Kesari sent to us by Easy Indian Food of 100% Microwave Cooking.

Amna of DastarKhaan shows us a healthy burger version called Soya - Veg Burger. What a lovely Burger?

Craving for a healthy snack in the evenings, then do try Zlamushka's (of Spicy Kitchen) Puffed Rice Salad.

Laavanya of Cookery Corner has sent her favorite Minestrone Soup, which is a one pot meal with starch, protein and vegetables.

Bhawana of From my palate sent her favorite No oil, No butter Sandwich. How cool is that!

Thirsty and want an energy boost?? Then check these out:

Rina of Rina's Recipes has sent a Peach Mango Kesar Milk Shake.

Dhivya Karthik of Culinary Bazaar has sent a Health P. A. C. Drink. What is P.A.C ? Go check her blog for details. Do check her blog as you can find many more healthy recipes.

And now its time to show my contributions to my event.

A complete meal with Cheese pizza, Vegetable Salad and Mixed Fruit Salad in custard sauce.

Another meal with Kidney Bean Burger, Pinto Bean salad and Honey Dew Melon juice.

two ways - A Low Calorie sweet Rasmalai and A spicy Paneer Chettinaad served with whole wheat tortillas/phulkas.

Couple of more tips that I may want to pass on which I learned from my experience.

1. Minimize the use of fruits in cans as it tends to have more sugars compared to fresh fruits. Similarly beans or vegetables in cans tend to have more sodium so try to use fresh beans or vegetables.

2. Try to cook food with non-stick spray and consume fats uncooked. For ex. consume a tsp of oil added to your salad. Nuts fall into the category of fats so you can add them to your salad too. A limited quantity though about 15 nuts should be fine. Do no avoid fat completely from your diet. Keep this in mind.

Be happy and be healthy. Spread the word around and teach people around you how to stay fit and healthy. See you all with my Sunday Meals tomorrow.


Asha said...

Great array of food Hima, looks great!:)
I agree with the "Do not avoid fat all together from your diet!" If you do, you will have a skin like dried up leather!:D
Sweets!! Ahh..!! Yes, Diwali is coming, so we will cook something anyway, easy!:)

Sirisha Kilambi said... come I never knew of this event.......I feel bad I cud not participate.......Anyways u made our job easier Hima by selecting sweets.....I sure will contribute this time..... :-))
Nice round-up....loved every entry dear....:-)
Great job....keep it up :-)

Dhivya Karthik said...

Wonderful roundup Hima..You did a Great Job :-D Bookmarked :-))

Rajitha said...

hima..the round-up is pretty good..i thought you did have a decent number of participants..don't be too hard girl..and i have bookmarked this place..every bit helps :)

Siri said...

Lovely RoungUp Hima.. and nice entries too...
Wow, "Sweets" is the next theme... awesome..

Lakshmi said...

Lovely Round up Hima. Next theme is interesting with Diwali coming up. :)

TBC said...

Hima, your theme -Diet Food was really good. Sorry I could not contribute. I feel that there are too many events going around these days and I cannot keep up:-( So I just cook what I want these days & if it fits in with any event, I send it across:-)
It is nice to see all the entries in one place. I have bookmarked this. Thanks for doing this:-)

Nags said...

i misses this event, was really busy last month :( will surely be sending in stuff for the next :)

Srivalli said...

Good round up...all very yummy!..

easycrafts said...

Super compilation of diet food...and next theme is fav, i am there already for this event too..

Hima said...

Thanks asha, you are right. Moderate amount of fat is a must in our daily diet.

Thanks sirisha.I would love to see more participation. Sure please send in your entries too.

Thanks Dhivya. It was possible because of all you guys.

Thanks Rajitha, oops!! I dint mean to be hard on you all :(. I was just hoping to see some more participation. Thats it.

Hima said...

Thanks Siri.

Thanks Lakshmi.

Thanks TBC. Thats fine, may be next time I would love to see you participate though. Hehe...

Thanks Nags. No problem, please do send in some entries this time. I would you all to participate, so that I can learn some more sweets.

Thanks Srivalli.

Thanks Easycrafts. Sure please keep those lovely sweets coming.

Laavanya said...

It was a really good theme Hima so don't be discouraged if there are fewer entries than your previous one... This is a lovely round-up and you've presented them very well.

Tee said...

Hey Hima, great round up and fantastic theme for this month!
I am really sorry that I could not make it to your event this great excuse but, you will definitely see some participation from me this time :) Do not be discouraged, you have a great event and please don't discontinue it.

Richa said...

lovely round up, hima!
i think u got good, varied entries, don't worry about the count! keep em' coming.....

Mansi Desai said...

Beautiful roundup Hima!! got to learn some interesting diet meals:) thanks for hosting!

Daily Meals said...

Well done Hima! Nice presentation...

Hima said...

Thanks laavanya,tee,richa, mansi and daily meals. Thanks for all the encouragement.

Neelam said...

Hima...wonderful roundup! So many lovely dishes to try frm....Thanks.

Bhawna said...

Thanks for the nice round-up Hima

Apple said...

Well presented round-up Hima...I'm not finding time to blog hop now a days...I would have missed this round-up...count me in for the WYF-Desserts too...

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