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Sunday Meals #11 - Flavour of Tamilnadu

A month ago I purchased a cook book. Till today whatever I presented here are born out my imagination or the recipes that are passed on to me by my mother. Some of them are sure from search too. I completely forgot about the book, on sunday I took it out and made couple of recipes from that book. I must say they were pretty impressive. Oh btw, the book is Dakshin, Vegetarian cuisine from South India. Here are the items I made:

Snake Gourd (potlakai) Kootu (Pudalangai Milagu Kootal)
Stuffed Brinjal Curry (Ennai Kathirikkai)
Mor Khuzambu (Majjiga pulusu, this is my version, not from book)

All are served with some white rice.

Snake Gourd Kootu:

Recipe Source: Dakshin by Chandra Padmanabhan

1/2 cup Toor dal(kandi pappu)
1 medium sized snake gourd finely chopped
2 cups water
1/2 tsp turmeric (pasupu)
salt as per taste

For Paste:
1 tsp oil
2 tbsp channa dal(senagapappu) (In the book it says urad dal)
3-4 red chillies(endu mirapakayalu)
1/2 cup fresh grated coconut
3 tsp cumin seeds(jeelakarra)
1 tsp uncooked rice(biyyam)
a little water

For tempering:
1 tsp oil
1 tsp urad dal(minappappu)
1 tsp mustard seeds(aavalu)
1 red chilli halved(endu mirapakaya)
a few curry leaves

1. In the book it asks you to cook the toor dal with 2 cups of water. You should cook for 11/2 hour, stirring occassionally in the last 30 minutes. I pressure cooked the dal with some water.

2. Cook Snake gourd with 2 cups water, turmeric powder and salt.

3. In the mean time, heat a tsp of oil and fry the channa dal ( I was supposed to use urad dal, but by mistake I thought it to be channa dal. Despite of the mistake it was good.) and red chillies. Take it into a blender and add coconut, cumin seeds and raw rice. Blend it into a fine paste by adding little water.

4. When the snake gourd is tender add the cooked toor dal and cook until they blend together. Add the paste and cook for few more minutes.

5. Heat tsp of oil and add the tadka ingredients. Once they turn golden brown add them to the kootu. Serve it with hot rice/phulkas. I liked its consistency and it goes well with phulkas too.

Ennai Kathirikkai:

Recipe Source: Dakshin by Chandra Padmanabhan
6 Japanese eggplants

For stuffing:
3/4 cup grated fresh coconut
1 tsp oil
1 tbsp coriander seeds (dhaniyalu)
3/4 tbsp urad dal (minappappu)
3/4 tbsp channa dal (senagapappu)
1 tsp cumin seeds
1/2 tsp asafoetida powder
8 red chillies
salt as per taste
a lemon sized piece of tamarind pulp
a little water

For tempering:
3 tbsp oil
1 tsp mustard seeds(aavalu)
1 tsp cumin seeds(jeelakarra)
1 tsp urad dal(minappappu)
1 tsp channa dal(senagapappu)
1 red chilli halved(endu mirapakaya)
a few curry leaves

1. Place the grated coconut in a pan and fry until it turns golden brown colour. Take it into a blender.

2. Heat a tsp of oil in the same pan and add the ingredients for stuffing except tamarind pulp. Saute for 2-3 minutes. Take them also in to the blender and blend them along with tamarind pulp to form into a thick paste.

3. Make a cross mark on the eggplants from top. Slit them into fours keeping the bottom part intact. Stuff the stuffing into them.

4. Heat 3 tbsp oil and add the tadka ingredients. Once they turn golden brown, add the eggplants. Sprinkle the leftover stuffing, if any, over the eggplants in the pan. Cover and simmer over a low heat cook until the eggplants are tender.

5. Remove the lid and saute for a few more minutes, without stiriing too much. Take care not to break the eggplant. Serve hot with rice.

Mor Khuzambu/Majjiga pulusu:

1 1/2 cups Thick Butter milk(I used Fat free)
1/2 cup chopped Winter Melon/Ash gourd
1" piece ginger
2 to 3 green chillies
Salt as per taste
1/4 tsp turmeric powder
a few curry leaves
1 tbsp besan mixed in some water to form a watery consistency

For tempering:
1/2 tsp urad dal
1/2 tsp channa dal
1/2 tsp mustard seeds
1 tsp oil

1. Take the ginger and green chillies into a blender and make a paste of them. Add the buttermilk and run in the blender once.

2. Heat a tsp of oil in a pan add tempering ingredients. Add winter melon, add some salt and turmeric powder. Cook until it is tender.

3. Add the buttermilk mixture add some salt, besan mixture and leave it on low heat until it comes to a boil. Remove from heat and serve with hot rice.

You may add some fresh coconut also to the mor khuzambu. Since I used good amount of coconut to the above two items, I skipped using it in this khuzambu. I was pretty much pleased with the recipes but I am little hesitant at using so much of coconut in each recipe. Hope you too will make them and enjoy.


Asha said...

I love Dakshin too, great recipes!:))
Lunch looks great. Btw, I just sent you my cake for WYF!:)
Happy Halloween.

Rajitha said...

yumm...mor khzambu is my fav too...

bee said...

your ennai kathirikkai looks just like the picture in the book.

Laavanya said...

Delicious Hima. Your ennai kathrikai looks very good and what a coincidence.. am making morkuzhambu for dinner today.. :)

Sirisha Kilambi said...

Hima...every item in ur lunch rocked buddy.....Wish I was there at ur lunch....wud have done full justice to every dish...especially brinjal...I just love them :-))
Also,the dish carrying ur Majjiga pulusu was very nice...Great post Hima :-)

Sia said...

slurppppppp... this whole post is bookmarked. i cant take my eye's off from that stuffed brinjal... thanks hima:)

Hima said...

Thanks asha, that was pretty quick. I received your entry. Thanks once again.

Thanks rajitha and bee. Yes bee, I did not want to make any changes to the original recipe as I wanted to taste it as it is.

Thanks Laavanya, sirisha and sia.

Suma Gandlur said...

I borrowed once Dakshin from our library and liked its collection of recipes.
Your have one yum lunch plate there.

Hima said...

Thanks suma.

Swaroopa said...

gr 8 pics and looks delicious.

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