Thursday, September 27

Whats Your Favorite - Snacks? Round-up and WYF - Diet Food?

Before I list out the lovely and wonderful snacks that I received for the WYF -Snacks event, let me announce the next WYF theme.

I do not know about you guys out there but I frequently go on diet not to cut down my weight and look and slim (I know that can never happen) but to atleast maintain my current weight. So here is my question, what is that you would like to have during your diet period? Is there any such food that tempts you to go on diet (I wonder, if there is anything as such and curious to know)? Or is there any such dish that you love, that you can make to meet your diet plan? In the sense, you may make the dish that you love by substituting its ingredients with a healthier ingredients. Say for ex. substitute white flour/All purpose flour with whole wheat flour, brown sugar instead of white sugar etc., It can be anything a whole meal, a snack, breakfast anything that is good to have while you are dieting. You can present the dish and throw some tips to the dieters out there why and how that dish is good while dieting. You may list out the nutrients that are present by terms of carbs, protein, diary etc., (Only if you know, not a pre-requisite). Hope I made it clear if you still have any doubts, please get back to me.

You can mail your entries to with a link to your entry, your name and the entry name. Please make a note that I do not require any image, I can pick it up from your site. I did that with this round up and I think that is much easy for me.

Here is the logo which you may feel free to use in your posts.

And coming to the round up. I received totally 35 snacks and here are they in no particular order:

Praveena of Simply Spicy says that she loves Murukku/Chakli as her favorite snack and shows in step by step order how to make them.

Asha of Aroma loves to have Dill vadas with coconut mint chutney as her favorite snack. If you want to know the procedure to make these delicious vadas then rush to her blog and note it down.

Namratha of Finger Licking Food makes yummy Vegetable Bajjis which she learned from her mother-in-law. I am sure they taste excellent as mother-in-laws are quite experienced. What Say??

TBC of The Budding Cook makes a very popular Kerala Snack called Pazham Pori and she says they are simple to make and yet very tasty. Aren't they perfect snack?

of Veggie Platter also likes to have plantain as her favorite Snack but by frying them as chips. So her favorite snack is Plantain Chips.

Mona of Zaiqa makes her mom's version of Spicy Keema Samosas and says those are her favorite snacks.

Bharathy of Spicy chilly made her first snack entry which is her favorite and send it across to me. They are Raw Banana Chips.

We have another snack made of Banana called Ghee fried Bananas from Nags of For The Cook In Me. This very simple yet tasty snack.

Shubha of Chutki Bhar Pyar tried something new with a gujarati snack called Fafda twist and that is her favorite snack.

Laksmi from The Yum Blog has sent in her favorite snack which is Oil free Groundnut Snack. A snack with out oil in it is such a great one to have.

Sona of The discovery of a new dish does more for human happiness than the discovery of a new star invents a new snack called Todd-In-A-Hole and says that is her favorite snack. Do check out her blog to find out how to make it.

Rajitha of Hunger Pangs fried some Veggie Bread Rolls and says they are her favorite snacks for two reasons, one they are deep fried in oil which adds crispyness to the bread and another they are not available in the market to buy.

Pooja of Khana Pina made some delicious Samosas and sent us to enjoy. Let me tell you those are my favorite too, but I am very lazy to make them at home. My be these entries will inspire me to make some at home.

Prema of My Cookbook fried up some crispy Thattais, her favorite snacks.

Jayasree from My experiments with food made a snack with Ragi Flour and those are her favorite snacks.

of Aarti's Corner made her's and my husband's favorite snack, Bhel. Believe me or not he has such a craze towards street food, whenever we go to Dallas from San Antonio, he makes sure to have all the chats that he love, and also pack them back to home. Such is his love towards those items.

Hot and Spicy Samosas on a rainy day are sure welcome. These are sent by Manasi Desai of Fun and Food.

Jayasree from My experiments with food made a bunch of snacks for Janmashtami. You can check them out here.

Saira Ginu of A matter of Taste loves to have Green Sandwich at her snack time. What a healthy snack.

Siri of Siri's Corner loves a varities of bajjis as snacks and presents a platter full of variety of Bajjis. Check them out.

Richa of As Dear As Salt has sent a sweet sweet snack called Matthi Puri. Aren't we craving for that after all these savory snacks?

Srivalli of Cooking 4 all Seasons made for the first time her mom's recipe of Nippattu which happens to be her favorite snack too.

Jyothi of World Wide Cooking made some Veg. Manchurian and says those are her favorite snack.

Jyothi of Andhra Spicy fried up some Murukulu and those are her favorite Snack. Jyothi I too request you to put up the recipe there please.

Keerthi of Esculent Cuisine put up some Crispy Chicken Nuggets which are her favorite snacks.

Microwave Masala Peanuts is an easy to make snack from Easy Indian Food.

Cabbage Cashew Pakoda is another snack from Easy Indian Food.

Yet another snack from Easy Indian Food called Healthy Corn Sundal. These are such a healthy and easy to make snacks.

Here is another snack from Easy Indian Food called Onion Pakoda.

Kajal gives a step by step procedure to make Sev Mamara, which is her favorite snack.

Shubha of Chutki Bhar Pyar fried up some crispy Vazhakai Bonda(Raw Banana Bonda) and that is her another favorite snack.

Pooja of Creative Pooja made some hot and tangy Vada Pavs and those are her favorite snacks.

Bee and Jai
of Jugalbandi loves to have Steamed platains as snack and also they provide loads of information about platains and bananas. Do not forget to check out.

of For The Cook In Me made a snack out of leftover bread called Toasted Sugar bread with Honey. That is such a clever idea.

And are you wondering where are my favorite snacks? Here they are:

Mysore bajji, my mom's recipe that I made with the leftover raitha.

My previous entries which are my favorites too:

Mirchi bajji
Eggplant Stuffed Jalapeno Poppers

No wonder I go on diet frequently haan!!!

Enjoy guys, and please if by mistake any of your entries are missing here please drop a line and I will make sure to add them. My sincere apologies in advance.

I apologise Susarla of Tastes From My Kitchen, that I missed her entry here. Though she did not remind me, I came across and would like to add to the list. Once again, my sincere apology Susarla.

Her favorite snack is Mangoloore Bajji. As you can see they are looking so mouth watering.


Madhavi said...

beautiful snacks to peek in Hima.nice round up.sorry i cud not participate as was busy with other things.Your next theme is also interesting.hope i can see some healthy recipes.

Pravs said...

Great round up. Mouth watering dishes. You presented it so well Hima.

Roopa said...

wow what a wonderfull list of snacks :)

Sreelu said...

Hima, nice round too bad I could not participate.will participate in the next event

Asha said...

Looks great Hima.After all that frying we need that diet food!! HeHe!!

Hima said...

Thanks Madhavi, no worries I can understand there are so many events out there, it is really difficult to keep up with each and every one. May be next time I will see you participating.

Thanks pravs and roopa.

Hima said...

Thanks sreelu, may be next time.

Thanks asha, oh ya!! see how smart I am!! I went on diet and put you also to diet.

Cynthia said...

Hi Hima, that's a really interesting theme for the WYF event. Can't wait to see what people say.

Personally, I diet by cutting back on portion sizes.

Mansi Desai said...

great roundup is fun to know all these snack recipes:) man, wish I could do some taste-ing!!:D

Hima said...

Hi Cynthia, Thank you so much. You are right, eating portion wise is really important for anyone. I started doing that too.

Thanks Mansi, I should thank all the participants for sending me those wonderful snacks.

SHUBHA said...

hi hima,
nice roundup....:) its amazing to see so many lovely dishes....and as asha says it a very thoughful idea for the next WYF hehehe... i guess we all need dieting after this tit bit snack....

TBC said...

Hima, thank you so much for putting the whole thing together.
So many lovely entries!

Hima said...

Thanks shubha, I too thought it is a good theme, I need to see how many will find it interesting.

Thanks tbc.

Rajitha said...

hima..what a fantastic round-up! i was drooling sitting here...
btw..fantastic new theme.i will bookmark the diet food round-up as i am or shall i say should be on a diet ;)

Padma said...

All those snacks looks fabulous and mouthwatering, and I wont miss this chance to show case my diet food this time, I have to hurry up and send a post!

Hima said...

Hi Rajitha and padma, thanks. Sure please send in your entries, I am waiting here to learn some more new diet recipes.

Siri said...

Dear Hima, Thanks dear for a lovely roundup and its indeed a treat to my eyes to see so many snacks at one place.. already added this post to my blog.. for future reference.. hehe.. :D and the concept of "Diet food" is so apt after so much of frying..:D

Richa said...

what a lovely round up, Hima! all goodies at one place, yummmm!
we do need that diet food after all the deep frying :)

Mona said...

Hmmmmm, so many Snacks ! :-D I can now make each one everyday !! Thanks for hosting this event Hima.

Hima said...

Thanks siri, richa and mona for your wonderful comments. I wish you all to participate in my next theme too.

Sharmi said...

I feel bad that I was not able to contribute:( lovely round up and delicious looking snacks.

Sia said...

wonderful round-up hima... i will see what i can come up with for diet food :)

Hima said...

Hey Sharmi, Thanks and please do not feel bad, its ok, may be next time. I do not want anyone to overwhelm themselves to make it to every event.

Hi sia, thanks, and sure will be waiting for your entry.

Dhivya Karthik said...

First time here....can i participate too? I think i know what i want to contribute to 'Diet' theme thanks to my taste food which craves exactly what it shudnt be eating while dieting :)

Hima said...

Ofcourse yes Dhivya. Will look forward for your entry.

Timepass said...

Lovely..I will participate in this new event.

easycrafts said...

Very nicely presented roundup..Looking forward for the next session. A small suggestion...join food blog desam so that we can stay updated on your posts.

Hima said...

Thanks Timepass

Thanks easycrafts. Well, would you mind to tell me how to join that. I have no idea. Thanks in advance.

Dhivya said...

Sent in my entry..:)

Latha Narasimhan said...

Nice round up hima!:)) I am surprised you are not in the Food Blog Desam! You have tosend an E mail to Indira or mathy kandasamy. I will give you the link in a few minutes!:))

bee said...

thanks for this roundup and great line-p of recipes, hima.

Apple said...

I somehow missed this round-up Hima..very well formatted...Thanks girl..Errrr! I too late to comment?

Srivalli said...

wow that looks good!

Amna said...

Lovely array of dishes in here , would love to participate this time around!

Neelam said...

hi Hima..lovely round up! Such a wide array of diet food recipes! I think you have missed my entry though..

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