Monday, September 24

Instant Dosa for WBB #15

This saturday we hosted a party for our friends on the occassion of my daughter's first birthday. And guess what, I cook all the food. My husband was little hesitant when I said I want to cook for this event :), he said are you sure. I am not sure what he meant by asking that question. Did he meant that I can't cook for the crowd (about 25 people) or did he meant that I am not a good cook or was he concerned that I will get tired after cooking all those dishes. Whatever, reason, he finally nodded his head in acceptance, which made me happy. His initial idea was to throw a party in a restaurant and get over with it, which I changed and hosted the party and the near by pool that we have in our apartment complex.

I started cooking on friday evening itself as I did not want to overwhelm myself and also was not in a mood to chase with the time. I was in the mood to cook leasurely and relaxed. And another reason is that I have only jumbo sized dish with which I have to make 3 curries and one big pressure cooker with which I have to make a dal and sambar. Well, these are the dishes that I made, Mattar Paneer, Bagara Baingan, Raw Mango Dal, Pumpkin Sambar, Aloo Bonda, Vegetable Biryani, Kheer (Semiya payasam), Raitha and ofcourse White Rice. I made the Mattar Paneer, Bagara Baingan, Dal, Sambar and curry for Aloo Bonda on friday and on Saturday morning I made Biryani, kheer, raitha, white rice and finally fried the Aloo Bondas. Took out those curries, dal and sambar from the refrigerator, heated them up in the oven at 150 degrees F.This time my husband was so happy with me, first thing is that we were not late as usually we do and second thing is that everyone loved the food. We got good complements for the party as well as for the food. Everyone liked the basic idea of having a party at pool as the parents of the kids did not have to worry about them. The kids had fun time in the pool including my one year daughter. Initially she was little scared as we introduced her to the huge tub of water (Swimming pool) but gradually she loved being in the water.

What is that you talk about for sure when you throw a party. Did you guess it right? I say it is the leftovers. You may forget talking about anything but not this. Looking at the food left in those trays you worry, how many days will I have to preserve these in the fridge and eat. This time, surprisingly we did not have much of the left over food at all, especially, biryani, mattar paneer and bagara baingan neatly cleaned by the crowd. So we were left out with some dal, sambar, white rice and some raitha. So I made couple of dishes with raitha, one of which is going to Nandita for her WBB #15 event hosted at Saffron Trail, and another one is going to my own WYF-Snacks event.

Instant Dosa:

1/2 cup Whole wheat flour
1/2 cup All purpose flour
1/4 cup Rice flour
1 1/2 cup raitha(Butter milk, onion, tomato, cilantro and salt) or more if needed
Salt as per taste
1 tsp cumin seeds

Mix them all together. Add some water if needed to make it into right consistency. I like these dosas to be little sour so, I left raitha outside for that night and on sunday morning I mixed the flours and other ingredients to it.

Heat tawa or a non-stick pan, pour a laddle full of batter over it. Pour a tsp of oil around the dosa circle and after couple of minutes very gently turn it onto other side. After a minute slide that into a plate. Serve it with any chutney that you have at home. I served them with some Mango pickle (Aavakaya).

Mysore Bajji:My mom use to make these while we were kids. My version may not look like the Mysore bonda which are served in the hotels, made into perfect shaped round balls, but these are perfect at their taste. I think in Andhra, the mysore bajjis are made with Maida, if I am not wrong. My mom too makes them with maida but I changed it into half and half. Half whole wheat flour and half all purpose flour.

Ingredients are the same as that are used for Instant dosa, only difference is that this batter will be little thick than the dosa batter. Heat oil and drop small balls of batter into the hot oil. Deep fry them until they turn golden brown colour. Take them out and serve them with any chutney that you like. I served them with some Maggie Tom-chi sauce.

I wish I could click a photo of Aloo bondas, which are also my favorite snacks. I was upset with my husband that he did not click a photo of all those lovely dishes that I made so that I could put up here proudly, saying this was my first achievement as a cook. Well, may be someother time. Hope you guys enjoyed my entries. Enjoy.

Oh! by the way, I took off on sunday from my regular sunday meals session as we had the same leftovers on Sunday too. White rice served with mango dal, pumpkin sambar and mysore bajjis.


Asha said...

WOW!! You made whole lot of dishes!:))
Adding raita is so clever,I need to keep that in mind.Looks delicious!

Hima said...

Thank you asha. I did make all those dishes.

Happy cook said...

I love Mysore Baji.
I can eat a whole plate of it :)))

Siri said...

Hmm.. Instant Dosas are so handy.. and my mom used to make these all the time..:D..

and what to say abt mysore bajji.. all time want-to-eat snack for everybody..:D Yum Yum..

Siri said...

and the menu of ur party was absolutely fabulous..:D

Hima said...

Hi Happy cook, thanks.

Hi Siri, thank you.

Padma said...

Love Mysore Bhaji we call it mysore bonda in andhra...instant dosa is a neat idea to do when u dont have time for dosa batter

Sharmi said...

delicious looking bajis!!

Hima said...

Thanks Padma and sharmi

Rohini's kitchen said...

Great idea. Nice blog.

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