Wednesday, July 11

Watermelon Protein Punch

On a hot summer day, it is great to have something cool and healthy. I made a drink using watermelon and which is rich in protein too. I am not sure if you guys noticed or not but I try to add little protein to most of the dishes that I make with items like edamame, beans, chickpeas, paneer etc., This time I tried with Soy Milk. I love soy milk. It has a kind of nutty taste and vanilla flavor is out of this world. I don't drink milk and had tough time during my pregnancy. That is when I started drinking soy milk and never quit as I fell in love with it. I make this drink with various fruits like mango, orange, cherries etc., So lets make one:


2 cups chopped watermelon
1 banana chopped
2 cups light soy milk vanilla flavor (I used Silk)
2 - 3 tbsp honey
1 tsp sugar

Blend them all together in a blender. Pour it into a glass. Top it with watermelon pieces and have it chilled. This is going to Bee & Jai of Jugalbandi who are hosting AFAM (A Fruit A Month).


Vcuisine said...

Such a cool one Hima. Nice entry too. Viji

Madhavi said...

u have a nice blog with loads of beautiful recipes.thanks for stopping by my blog . I have added ur blog in my blogroll.

Asha said...

I have seen Soy milk at the grocery but never picked up.Vanila flavor mifht make it easy to drink.It's very healthy,I will try next.
Punch looks great,Hima.

Hima said...

Thanks to all for taking time to drop by my blog. Soy milk sure is healthy and I am trying to make use of it in many of my recipes that call for milk. It adds a little protein to vegetarians like me.

bee said...

dear hima, great to see this protein boost in a fruit drink. thanks for your wonderful entry for AFAM.

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