Monday, July 9

Sunday Meals #1 - Punjab Cuisine

With hectic weekday schedule, you just grab anything that is easy to make and eat for lunch or dinner. When it comes to the weekend you definitely want to have something special and elegant looking and ofcourse tasting too. As you can spend some time to get that extra special lunch on the table, the menu would include all varieties of items. I do this and think that you all out there also would be interested in doing the same. So, here is my attempt to list out some good items, that you would like to want to have on Sundays for your meals.

Last sunday, as my brother was here I made some punjabi dishes, that we love to eat. I am fond of varieties of foods that belong to various regions and the same with my brother too. Punjabi is our next favorite food. Most of the punjabi recipes are so famous that you get them in most of all the restaurants every where in the world. This is my first time attempt to make punjabi food at home and that too for the first Sunday Meals menu. Three items from the list are going to RCI -Punjabi Cuisine and as I wanted to have a rice item to go along with it, I made some tomato Rice. I am not sure if it belongs to the punjabi cuisine or not. If you guys can help me to relate it to a particular region, that would be great.

List of Items:

Paneer Butter Masala
Tomato Pulav

Will post the recipes one by one as soon as possible. Just four dishes were sufficient enough to stuff myself and ofcourse it takes time to make them too. So enjoy guys.


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